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Colorado Title & Closing Services develops innovative residential and commercial title insurance products that focus on ensuring your success in delivering a streamlined and secure transaction – resulting in an exceptional experience for your clients. We understand the important role you play in guiding real estate transactions toward their successful conclusions and the importance of your client relationships.

We are pleased to offer you technology solutions that assist you in streamlining the administration and reducing overall costs associated with processing residential and commercial transactions.

Colorado Title & Closing Services is committed to working with you to ensure our processes are fast, efficient and secure. Our underwriting and claims handling philosophy is solution-driven. Our no-fault claims process and history of claims paying experience is unparalleled in Southwest Colorado. With our passion for service and dedication to continuous improvement, we are building success together with Southwest Colorado’s real estate community.

Residential Title Insurance

  • By title insuring your residential real estate transactions with Colorado Title & Closing Services, you can streamline your practice, lower your overhead costs and benefit from the protection provided to your clients; thereby reducing your liability and mitigating the risk to your practice.
    Minimize risk & liability
    With residential title insurance, you and your clients benefit from obtaining comprehensive coverage. The coverage contained in the policy provides protection for defects that may have been created in the past, defects revealed by an up-to-date survey, and some potential future risks. Our policies provide you and your clients with peace of mind today and in the future. Claims that arise as a result of covered risks under the policy are made to Colorado Title & Closing Services, thereby avoiding a claim against you which could negatively impact your Errors and Omissions insurance premiums.
    Increase productivity and streamline mortgage processing
    We are pleased to offer you technology solutions that assist you in streamlining the administration and reducing costs associated with processing residential mortgage transactions.

Commercial Title Insurance

  • Colorado Title & Closing Services prides itself on continuing to set the industry standard for service excellence, accuracy, risk protection and unparalleled underwriting solutions in the ever expanding and complex world of commercial real estate transactions.