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Colorado Title & Closing Services’ products and services help transactions close on time and provide the broadest protection available for your clients against title and survey defects. It also simplifies the closing process, is easy to order and there are no hidden costs. By choosing Colorado Title & Closing Services, your clients will find comfort in knowing they can proceed with moving plans with increased certainty that the transaction will close.

We help protect the time you’ve invested so closings proceed quickly and smoothly. As a builder or developer,  you can concentrate on your projects and clients giving you more time to grow your business.

Residential Title Insurance

Your buyers depend on you for your knowledge and expertise to navigate them through the real estate process. Colorado Title & Closing Services can provide the tools to allow you to focus on serving your clients and growing your referral business. When your buyers purchase their dream property, ensure it closes incident-free. Recommending Colorado Title & Closing Services ensures they will get the security they need and help them close the transaction on time.

Commercial Title Insurance

Colorado Title & Closing Services prides itself on continuing to set the industry standard for service excellence, accuracy, risk protection and unparalleled underwriting solutions in the ever expanding and complex world of commercial real estate transactions. Commercial title insurance provides many of the same benefits as residential title insurance, but is designed to handle the more complex details typical of a commercial real estate transaction.Your clients make a significant investment when purchasing a commercial property. By recommending commercial title insurance from Colorado Title & Closing Services, you are helping to ensure that your client’s investment is protected. Colorado Title & Closing Services is an agent for Chicago Title Insurance Company, the preferred title insurance company for large commercial transactions.

Builder Program

Colorado Title & Closing Services’ Builder Program provides builders with the opportunity to offer our title and closing services in conjunction with a client’s purchase of a new home. Title insurance from Colorado Title & Closing Services provides the broadest protection available for purchasers against fraud and title-related defects. By partnering with Colorado Title & Closing Services, purchasers can proceed with moving plans with increased certainty that the transaction will close. Colorado Title & Closing Services will underwrite the entire site development, thereby streamlining the process for the purchaser. Note: Attorneys are not required in Colorado to provide the title insurance or close on a real estate transaction.