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We have recently partnered with Alanna.ai, an artificially intelligent closing assistant. She is an IBM Watson learning technology that will grow smarter as more people use it. She is programmed to answer frequently asked questions like “what are your hours,” “where is your office located,” and other general questions. She can also answer file specific questions because she hooks into our production software. All she needs to answer file specific questions is a matching cell phone number to an existing file.

To see all the available options just type “help.” If you want to text a human, all you have to do is type “Get a human” and someone in our closing department will get in touch with you. We are happy to report that we do not outsource any of our calls or texts, every person Alanna grabs for you will be someone in one of our 5 Colorado offices.

One of the greatest benefits Alanna can provide is she can produce Seller Net Sheets, Buyer Cost Estimates, and Refinance Cost Estimates without any person-person interaction and the rates and fees pull directly from our system so they are always current.

We help protect the time you’ve invested so closings proceed quickly and smoothly. As a real estate professional, you can concentrate on your clients and growing your business. You have enough limitations on your time, so let us do the work behind the deal to allow you to build your client base and increase the number of properties you sell.